Fear, failure and success

Faith, Love & Good Sense

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My greatest fear is that I will not be successful. That I will land at 70 and realise my life fell short of its potential. But then I asked myself, what did I think was my potential? What did I think I deserved? What did success mean to me?

When our culture says someone is very successful, we mean he/she has a lot of money, they have built wealth, they have power or fame, they have impact with their work. See whose faces appear on magazine covers and whose social media accounts we follow by the millions.

I measure success by the same parameters, I realise. I want to accomplish important things and attain self actualisation. I want to be known for something I am or have done. I want a trophy, an award, an accolade, my name on an adult honor roll, Top40Under40 something…

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People Forget

While going up the marriage building, somewhere between some floors, I stopped reading marriage books. There was nothing new happening inside those pages, and they all seemed to sing the same song. They also seemed to have been written by writers seated in the clouds and when I read them while wading through a swamp and when I was swimming upstream, they were as helpful as a plastic spoon in hot oil.

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